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Play Your Best Ice Hockey in the Right Gear

Boost Your Performance – Get Top Brand Hockey Equipment

Put your best game on the ice in the right gear from top brands at the best price.

HOCKEY1 helps you do that.

What position do you play? What’s the right equipment for you?

Do you play a forward position such as a center with strong ice instincts or an aggressive wing with quick puck handling skills? Get your right gear here–
Performance skates
Quick release sticks

Are you a goalie? Then you need the right equipment to help you make saves and keep pucks out of the net. Defend your goal. Get your specialty goalie equipment here.

Are you a defenseman who aggressively checks opponents and blocks shots? Defend your zone. Get your right protective gear here–
Shoulder pads
Elbow pads

We’re players and coaches with knowledge to share. We run a full-service ice arena and the single largest hockey inventory to help you get your best gear from top brands like Bauer, CCM, Easton, Mission, Montreal, Sherwood, STX, Tackla, True, Vaughn and Warrior.

Get the Right Fit for Your Best Game Play

Why does the right fit matter? Because you want to play your best, be safe and comfortable. Wearing the right gear with the right fit makes a difference.

As your game improves, you skate faster and play harder. And so goes the performance of players around you. Everything in the game occurs faster and harder. And so do injuries. That’s why you want your protective hockey gear properly proportioned and fit to your body.

HOCKEY1 helps you get the right fit. Call us, 1-800-HOCKEY1 (1-800-462-5391). And see our sizing guides here.