Gloves Fitting Guide
Gloves should fit firmly for more control in stick handling but not so firm so as to inhibit movement. The length of the glove should be so the least amount of unprotected area left between the glove cuff and elbow pad.
To fit properly:

  1. With the player’s forearm bent, measure the distance between the fingertips and the elbow pad.
  2. Determine the level of play.

The glove’s palm should be reasonably thin and pliable. The polyethylene thumb must be protective and flexible. Some models feature double Armadillo caps over the thumb for extra protection and flexibility. The glove’s foam padding must be dense.

Gloves which are severely worn and have collapsed foam pads should be replaced.

Gloves should be purchased that fit you properly. Gloves should not be so large that they will inhibit your ability to properly feel the stick, yet so small as to jam your fingertips to the end of the gloves.

Elbow Pad Fitting Guide

The elbow pad should not restrict movement of the elbow. With the elbow pads on, test the range of motion by bending the arm at the elbow, watching for restriction. To fit properly:

  1. Measure the length between the shoulder pad and the cuff of the glove,
  2. Match the player’s measured size to the size of the elbow pads by inches,
  3. Determine the level of play.

When fastened securely, there should be no gap between the pad and either the biceps extension of the shoulder pad or the cuff of the glove. Players who wear a short cuff styled glove should choose the longer model of elbow pad.

If you are not sure which size to order, please call us at 1-800-HOCKEY-1 or send us E-mail with your questions.

This information is offered as a guide only. South Windsor Arena is not responsible for equipment that does not fit, but will offer a return or exchange. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.