Loose fit style with added net coverage.
Contoured HD side front flex groin pads.
Lace up front, shoe style upper lace attachments.
Wide thigh guards with slight curve for added net coverage.
Internal padded adjustable support belt.
Inner HD five-hole blockers on inner thigh.
Double padding from thigh extension on inner thigh.
Upper waist section has wider increased coverage design.
Wide cut pant for added diameter of waist size.
Molded kidney protection and segmented HD inserts in waist.
Extra tail bone cushion and hip cushion padding.
Extended upper tail bone padding with HD insert.
Wider 5″ crotch stretch panel for added stretch.
Thigh pads have a wide 11″ width.
Note: add 8-10 inches to actual waist size then match to appropriate pant size. The extra room is needed because of the padding thickness and to allow for your chest protector.

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