Defend Your Net with Athletic Prowess in Vaughn’s Velocity VE8 Pro Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

Agile Body Armor that Protects You from Flying Ice Hockey Pucks

  • Puck protection contoured to your active torso
  • Carbon and Kevlar reinforcements for lightweight protection
  • Sternum and heart guard protection from HD foam
  • Body armor for your hybrid goalie agility and athletic net play

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Are you a hybrid goalie … one who has an athletic build, moves freely and is highly agile in the net? Then you want the kind of body armor that gives you full flexibility while protecting you from flying pucks. You want Vaughn’s Velocity VE8 Pro Senior Goalie Chest and Arm Protector when you defend your goal.

The Velocity VE8 Pro is 17% lighter than previous versions of Vaughn’s chest and arm protectors. They make it with Ultralight HD foam and carbon material reinforcements. They put the carbon reinforcements in the belly pad, shoulder floaters, shoulder caps, stomach wings and biceps. This gives you a lightweight protector that includes Kevlar ballistic plates that line the stomach.

The Velocity VE8 Pro protector contours to your shoulders and active torso. Vaughn makes the shoulder floaters small to form around you in a natural manner. Your arms and elbow guards move freely to give you maximum mobility.

Vaughn lines the sternum plate with HD foam reinforcements. It adds extra protection to the heart guard under the shoulder floaters. They lined the floaters with the carbon material. It has four strategic cuts that conforms to your body.

To give you seamless protection, the Velocity VE8 Pro has small removable flaps between the body and shoulder floaters. You can adjust them to fit you needs to protect you from any pucks that sneak through your body armor.

Vaughn wraps rib protection around your body. It’s comfortable and has seamless edges under the arms that reduce the risk of side stingers.

The VE8 Pro Senior has Velcro attachment points at the shoulder blades to connect shoulder floaters, shoulder caps and spine plate. They added “Mrazek” straps which sit on top of the floaters and close with a snap.

If you like to tuck your chest protector, you’ll find the Velocity VE8 Pro more comfortable. This is because you can run your suspenders directly over top of the floaters. The suspenders will not fall off your shoulders or roll in tight to your neck.

Vaughn created the Velocity VE8 Pro Senior Goalie Chest and Arm Protector for you, the athletic agile goalie who wants protection and the flexibility to move quick.

Product Specifications

  • Lightweight
  • Large segmented shoulder floaters
  • Reinforced HD foam chest pad blocks
  • Arm strap adjustments for comfort and fit
  • Contoured neck guard
  • Mesh arms for easy flex and break-in
  • HD molded shoulder caps
  • Chest pad side extension padding
  • Full back pad adjustment over shoulder area
  • Molded elbow pads with four-point adjustment
  • Tapered forearm padding

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