True TF Pro Senior Custom Skate with Shift Holder and DLC Steel

True TF Pro Senior Custom Skate with Shift Holder and DLC Steel


Lace Up Pro Custom Senior Skates for Your Best Game Performance

  • Precision crafted so your feet become your skates
  • Power transfers from you direct to the ice
  • Your pain-free feet feel secure, stable and protected in a thermoformed boot
  • You explode across the ice knee-forward in a perfect skating position

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Put your best hockey game on the ice in your new Scott Van Horne Pro Custom Senior Skates. These TRUE skates drive your leg power through the skate direct into the ice for improved control.

To achieve maximum comfort, fit and heel lock, TRUE builds the boot inside out with a 3-D foot shaped to your distinctive feet. More than a hundred NHL players wear them because of the-

  • Patented TRUE Monoform for a monocoque design to transfer your muscle power to the ice
  • Patented TRUE tendon guard to give you flexibility and stability
  • Patented TRUE ToeCap to give you superior comfort and protection
  • Eyelets arranged strategically for a more perfect knee-forward skating position
  • Antimicrobial and hydrophobic liner that keeps your feet dry and comfortable by wicking moisture to the boot vents
  • BenchChange to switch blades fast so you can stay in the game longer
  • StepSteel blade to give you edge control carving the ice with precision

See how Scott Van Horne, the Canadian speed skater, makes the Pro Custom to deliver power, fit and protection unique to you.

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