Power Shooters Play with True A6.0 SBP Senior Ice Hockey Stick

Power Shooters Play with True A6.0 SBP Senior Ice Hockey Stick


You Score More with the True Power Shooter Stick

  • Improved for energy loading ease
  • Lighter durable blade with extreme impact strength
  • One-piece stick delivers optimal balance
  • Your ultimate shooter’s stick

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Handle your puck with ease … score with power … explode shots past the goalie. Choose the hockey stick that takes your game to the shooter’s top level. Play like you never imagined with True’s A6.0 SBP Senior Ice Hockey Stick.

True makes the A6.0 shaft with SmartPly technology. They use a unidirectional layering process to combine 25 layers of carbon into a single unit. They add Axenic Technology to compress the stick into a one-piece molded shaft. True created a stick for you with a satisfying blend of balance, weight and strength.

The A6.0 shaft walls become thin toward the top. But True built up the blade thickness to give balance with minimal material overlap. Their Braided Rib Plus technology extends the braided structure into the blade. Doing this, redistributes weight from the blade into the shaft. It gives you an optimum swing weight with a low balance point. The A6.0 plays like a lighter stick but withstands impacts that are 20% harder than previous models.

True uses SmartFlex Technology to give the stick a medium kick point. They combine it with BRT blade technology, which means you shoot with power from any position.

The A6.0 SBP double concave shaft becomes stiffer towards the blade. This feature holds the energy load so that when you shoot the stick explodes with power and accuracy at puck impact.

If you want to become a power shooter, then you want the True’s A6.0 SBP Senior Ice Hockey Stick in your hands.

Product Specifications

  • Strength — BRT+ blade technology gives you a lighter, more durable blade with the weight distributed into the shaft. You get extreme impact strength and overall durability.
  • Balance — True’s industry-leading one-piece Axenic construction optimizes weight distribution throughout the stick for superior balance.
  • Power — The A6.0 elevates your ease to energy load the stick to explode a shot from any shooting position.
  • Finish — Matte Grip with Matte Blade
  • Shaft Shape — A square corner double concave shaft gives you a power shooter stick of superior strength, ideal balance, and concentrated power.

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