Shake Defenders and Score in CCM Tacks 9070 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Shake Defenders and Score in CCM Tacks 9070 Senior Ice Hockey Skates


Edge Control Helps You Play Better

  • Anatomical fitting skate for your best play
  • Maximizes your edge control so you can go lower cornering
  • Improves your ice feel and performance
  • Removable SpeedBlade Stainless steel runners


The better you skate the better your game. You mastered balance, agility and edge control, because it gives you more scoring opportunities. CCM made the Tacks 9070 senior ice hockey skates for you, the emerging elite player.

CCM crafted the Tacks 9070 skates with their NHL-caliber RocketFrame composite with a SpeedCore II technology. They give a boost to your skate’s responsiveness and support.

The Tacks 9070 has CCM’s MetaFrame Technology to give you an accurate anatomical fit, feel and boot shape. They made the quarter package with their RocketFrame Composite. It’s a lightweight thermoforming shell material.

With the MetaFrame Technology CCM molds the boot to your foot for a custom fit. This gives you an eyelet angle that matches the natural bend of your foot and ankle. They double-stitched the tendon guard, upper eyelets and tongue.

At 7mm, the tongue is a center-injected foam to give you protection against stray pucks and slashes. CCM includes an embossed guard to reduce lace bite and to better position them for a tight wrap.

The Tacks 9070 skate’s quarter package top comes with CCM’s Smooth Contour collar pads. They help reduce high-ankle abrasions that can occur in a stiff boot.

CCM uses their durable HD Microfiber liner to wick away unvented moisture from the Tacks 9070. The liner comes with their DuraZone Abrasion Protection pads. If you’re a player who wears your shin guards under the skate tongue, they help extend the liner’s life.

The Tacks 9070 has CCM’s SpeedBlade 4.0 holder. It prevents twisting with the triangular design of their SpeedRib Technology. This technology helps you make aggressive turns and gives you greater stride-energy transfer to the ice.

For a more comfortable skate, CCM made the insole with their vented Anatomical Response to help keep the boot’s interior dry.

CCM created the Tacks 9070 Senior Ice Hockey Skates for you, the elite player who wants a responsive supportive skate to maximize your game performance.

Product Specifications

  • QUARTER PACKAGE – METAFRAME TECHNOLOGY – New ergonomic boot shaping system gives you the best fit
  • MATERIAL – ROCKETFRAME COMPOSITE – NHL-caliber lightweight composite material
  • CORE – SPEEDCORE 2 STIFFNESS – Lightweight, rigid and thermoforming materials to help your excellent performance
  • LINER – HD MICRO FIBER WITH DURAZONE ABRASION PROTECTION – High resistance to wear that gives you comfort and durability
  • COMFORT PAD – SMOOTH CONTOUR – Soft pad around collar of the boot to give you excellent foot and ankle comfort
  • ANKLE PADDING – MULTI DENSITY MEMORY FOAM – Symmetrical foam comfort pads wrap around your foot for customized fit and comfort
  • TONGUE – 7MM FELT WITH EMBOSSED LACE-BITE PROTECTION – Reinforcement layers for increased comfort and protection
  • OUTSOLE – CONCAVE REINFORCED TPU WITH EXHAUST SYSTEM – Rigid design that helps energy transfer
  • FOOTBED – ANATOMICAL RESPONSE – Provides support and comfort
  • HOLDER – SB4.0 – Proven durability with increased attack angle to give let you greater strides and cornering ability
  • RUNNER – SB STAINLESS – Provides a long-lasting edge for long term performance

Please note that product images and descriptions given on the website may vary slightly from actual product.

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