Outer Flex – No break for maximized coverage.
Inner Flex – Precurved single break core helps with better closure of the 5-hole.
Boot Angle – 60 degree boot angle helps in directing rebounds away.
Boot Channel – Shallow and soft, the boot channel helps with quick butterfly transitions
Leg Channel/Calf Strap Option – A lightweight set-up with one loose fitting calf strap helps to optimize quick responses.
Knee Strap Option – Single adjustable knee or below the knee for a custom fit on a stock pad.
Knee Cradle – A recessed foam with no wrap helps to create a deeper knee cradle, translating to more help closing the 5-hole.
Core – New lightweight, thin-molded foam core offers a weight to balance ratio that helps with quicker transitions into butterfly.
Knee Raiser – PE foam helps to seal the pad to the ice.
Thigh Protector – Legal thigh protector helps to protect the top of the knee from stingers.

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