Deflect Pucks with CCM’s Premier P2.9 Senior Goalie Hockey Stick

Deflect Pucks with CCM’s Premier P2.9 Senior Goalie Hockey Stick

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Send Rebounds to the Corner with a Stick Made to Defend the Net

  • A grip and handle made for easy quick poke checks
  • Has less vibrations running up the shaft after stopping the puck
  • Better rebound, shooting and passing control
  • Light and balanced in your hand but firm and responsive playing the puck


You know that 80% of your saves is a result of your practice of goalie fundamentals. That’s why you can make a second or third save perfectly. All the while, you focus on the puck, maintain your stick and hand position and deflect rebounds into the corner.

You play with a goalie stick that improves your performance, CCM’s Premier P2.9 Senior Goalie Stick.

They made the Premier P2.9 shaft with their Silver Sigmatex Spread-tow material. It’s better because they engineered it with a high-tension weaving process to make it light weight and very strong. You see the tight silver weave of 18,000 carbon fibers. It feels light and balanced in your hand as you take your goalie stance.

CCM reinforced the Premier P2.9 shaft at strategic spots to strengthen it for puck impact. It feels firm and responsive when playing the puck.

They made it easier and quicker to throw an aggressive poke check with the Premier P2.9. CCM added tacky StikTak Grip half-way up the shaft from the paddle shoulder. They raised the grip ridges and shortened the handle length, so you can quickly move your hand up the stick for poke checks.

CCM crafted the Premier P2.9 with their ZeroFlux technology. It runs through the paddle and shaft to reduce the vibrations that come up from the paddle when you make saves. The technology combines the dampening of a foam core stick with the featherlight feel and responsiveness of a carbon fiber one. It gives you better rebound, shooting and passing control.

They made the CCM Premier P2.9 Senior Goalie Stick for you, the intermediate-level goalie looking for a composite hockey stick with improved puck feel and reduced vibrations.

Product Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION – COMPOSITE STRUCTURE FEATURING ZEROFLUX TECHNOLOGY — A lightweight structure designed to diminish vibrations for uncompromised feel and rebound control
  • GRIP – STIKTAK GRIP — Lightweight and very durable
  • DESIGN – COMBINATION OF MATTE AND GLOSSY FINISH — All the great benefits of grip combined with the look and feel of matte finish

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