Defend the Net in CCM’s Premier P2.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads

Defend the Net in CCM’s Premier P2.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads


Maximum Coverage for Butterfly Saves

  • Protect your body from flying pucks
  • Boot shape with a spring-like feel for deep pushes
  • Straps anchor pad and keep your leg firmly planted in it
  • Pads have grip pattern to help when you move into the butterfly
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Wear pads that fit your style of play. Be mobile in the net and protect your body from flying pucks. Put on CCM’s Premier P2.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads, because it’s balanced and engineered for your style.

CCM made the Premier P2.9 to maximize coverage and make you as big as possible in the butterfly. This 20% lighter pad has little lateral flex. It works as one solid unit. If the top twists, the middle and bottom move. The Premier comes with one or no breaks on the outer roll and remains stiff to maximize coverage.

The Premier P2.9 has 60-degree boot shape with a spring-like feel, not too soft or stiff, to allow for deep pushes. This helps you transition from the butterfly to a recovery position.

They put a two-inch-wide elastic strap on the back. It comes out of the knee block. You can attach directly across the knee or angled down to the calf. You can remove the outside knee if you want to change the strapping or use different knee pad sizes.

CCM’s Quick Motion Strap System has a large “Y” setup inside the pads sliding edge and the calf. It goes into a two-inch elastic strap which attaches by Velcro on the outside of your calf. The strap helps anchor the pad and keep your leg firmly planted in it. It has some give and allows you a faster drop velocity and recovery in and out of butterfly moves.

They added 3D Grip with PE foams. It’s a material with a grip pattern that helps when you move into the butterfly and when leaning on the pad in the RVH position.

CCM made the Premier P2.9 Intermediate Goalie Leg Pads for you, the butterfly blocking goalie.

Product Specifications

  • LEG CHANNEL/CALF STRAP OPTION – LOOSE FIT NO CALF STRAP — Lightweight set up with optimized QMSS at calf for quick response
  • KNEE CRADLE – RECESSED FOAM WITH REMOVABLE KNEE CRADLE WRAP — Deeper knee cradle help closing the 5 hole
  • CORE – L1TECORE TECHNOLOGY — Light core with structural integrity offers powerful rebound out of play
  • KNEE RAISER – 3D GRIP / PE FOAM — Seals pad to the ice

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