Learn How to Stickhandle with CCM’s Jetspeed Youth Stick 20 Flex

Learn How to Stickhandle with CCM’s Jetspeed Youth Stick 20 Flex


Helps Young Player Improve Performance

  • Stick helps you learn puck control
  • Full grip texture keeps the stick from turning in your hands
  • Learn effective shooting techniques
  • Size and curve depth help young players grab the puck


Learn how to properly handle your hockey stick and improve your scoring opportunities. CCM crafted a stick for you, the young emerging hockey player. They created the CCM Jetspeed Youth Stick 20 Flex. It’s one of three flex ratios.

The Jetspeed Youth Stick versions are for flex and height profile variations. CCM designed the stick to teach you, the young player, how to hold your stick.

The three Jetspeed Youth Stick ratios vary based on horizontal bend and vertical rigidity, so you learn to load your stick efficiently. The stick geometry and full grip texture keep the stick from turning in your hands, helping you to learn effective shooting, passing and stickhandling techniques. You have better control and learn to play your best.

CCM use their P28 youth blade in the stick. It’s size and curve depth help young players easily grab the puck and improve their shooting technique. The shaft has a carbon weave that increases stiffness and blade strength.

CCM’s goal is to help the youngest players play their best. The Jetspeed Youth Stick 20 Flex accomplishes that by assisting you with your stickhandling skills.

Product Specifications

  • FLEX RATIO – Designed to offer young players enough bend in the horizontal axis while providing the right rigidity in the vertical axis so they can learn to load their stick efficiently
  • SHAFT – The perfect geometry to help kids learn how to properly hold their stick and help them develop their stickhandling and shooting techniques
  • BLADE – Featuring the new P28 youth blade, the size and depth of the curve allows kids to grab the puck more easily while helping with their shooting technique. The addition of carbon weave also increases the stiffness and strength of the blade
  • GRIP – Full grip to ensure the stick does not turn in their hands in order to get better control at all times
  • FEATURE – Blank name tag for players to write their name and color in their number

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