Make Your Slaps Shots True with CCM’s Jetspeed Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Make Your Slaps Shots True with CCM’s Jetspeed Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick

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Send Pucks Flying Past the Goalie Using the CCM Jetspeed Pro Grip Stick

  • Hybrid stiff kick point gives you a power shot
  • Soft taper zone in the blade gives you increased speed
  • Make controlled accurate muscle shots without any shaft twist
  • Light and balanced in your hand but firm and responsive playing the puck

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Attack the zone with CCM’s Jetspeed Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick and deliver a quick wrist shot to the net. The CCM Jetspeed Pro Grip Senior Stick gives you power and control.

CCM designed it with a hybrid stiff kick point that creates a power hinge and a soft taper zone in the blade that delivers increased speed. You can load the stick for a controlled accurate muscle shot without any shaft twist.

The Jetspeed Pro stick comes with CCM’s patented multi-channel blade. They crafted it with a vibration dampening layer and hollow design. This maximizes this lightweight stick’s responsiveness and power to improve your puck feel and control. CCM wants to give you a better opportunity to score.

The Jetspeed Pro has 12K woven carbon on the blade and C6 weave on the shaft to give you a lightweight stick with a pro-level feel. The stick has rounded corners, double concave side walls and double convex top and bottom. Its rounded shaft feels natural in your hands.

This Pro Grip stick weighs 443 grams with a tacky grip coating to help lock your hands to the shaft. You experience a high-performing stick that balanced to give you puck control.

CCM made the Jetspeed Pro Grip Senior Stick for you, the player looking for elite puck control that helps you make devastating power shots.

Product Specifications

  • KICK POINT – HYBRID KICKPOINT – The new kick point creates a hinge effect which gives you more power and a soft taper zone to increase your shot speed
  • BLADE – JETSTREAM BLADE – CCM’s patented multi-channel blade gives you precision and consistency
  • SHAFT DESIGN – JETSPEED SHAFT WITH DOUBLE-CONCAVE DIMENSIONS – The new geometry offers a smooth transition area to maximize bending and efficiently transfer stored energy
  • MATERIAL – 12K WOVEN CARBON ON BLADE AND C6 WEAVE ON SHAFT – Provides you a stick with great all-around stiffness and strength for added durability on the shaft and blade

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