CONSTRUCTION – 400D + TEXTURED 400D SIDE PANEL REINFORCEMENT + TEXTURED POLYESTER, Tapered profile for a connected feel, in a reduced weight yet durable and flexible design, ideal for that quick elite/competitive level of play.

ADJUSTMENT – EASY FIT WITH BUILT-IN INTERNAL BELT SYSTEM + 1” ZIPPER, Wide front opening with stretchy functional panels for a seamless adjustment and great range of movement, plus integrated wider durable belt and hidden +1″ length adjusting zipper for a custom fit and optimized comfort.

LINER – DRYFOAM TECHNOLOGY WITH SOFT LAMINATED WATER REPELLENT LINING, Soft laminated liner absorbs less sweat so you can stay dry and keep your equipment lightweight.

HIP/KIDNEY – MOLDED PE CAPS, Pro-level protection

BACK PROTECTION – FLOATING SPINE PROTECTOR + NEW INJECTION-MOLDED HYBRID SPINE SHIELD, Superior impact spine protection and segmented tailbone pad for pro-level mobility.

THIGH GUARDS – LIGHTWEIGHT FOAM + MOLDED PE PLASTIC + LEG ZIPPER, High-level protection with inner zipper and floating thigh guards for custom embroidery.


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