CONSTRUCTION – AMPLIFIED MOBILITY THREE-PIECE DESIGN, Constructed in three pieces so the elbow can bend like it was meant to, with a soft laminated liner that absorbs less sweat to keep elite and competitive players lightweight.

FOREARM – INJECTION MOLDED PE CAP INSERT, High-level lightweight protection in a low volume fit with minimum coverage to allow the ultimate range of movement.

ELBOW CAP – MOLDED PE CAP WITH JDP CONSTRUCTION + EXPOSED EVA FOAM COVER, JDP elbow cap designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint plus a reinforce exposed EVA foam cover for extra toughness.

BICEP – TOUGH EXPOSED EVA FOAM PROTECTION, Lightweight comfortable protection that stays close to the body without weighing you down.

ATTACHMENT – REFINED PADDED MIDDLE LOCK STRAP + NYLON FOREARM STRAP, Securely keeps the elbow pad in place close to the body, where it should be, without hindering arm movement.


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