Check Your Opponents in CCM Jetspeed F390 Senior Shoulder Pads

Check Your Opponents in CCM Jetspeed F390 Senior Shoulder Pads


Play Safe Protected in the Right Gear

  • Featherlight low-profile anatomical fit protection
  • Full range of motion with independent chest plate, sternum plate and shoulder caps
  • DryFoam moisture repelling liner
  • Comfortable elite level protection on the ice


You check … take hits … and skate like a pro when your hockey gear fits right and lets you move freely.

That’s why you want featherlight protection from the game’s impacts. And that’s why you play in CCM’s Jetspeed F390 Senior Shoulder Pads. They crafted them to give you elite protection, moisture-control and mobility in a featherlight low-profile anatomical fit. They’re close and snug to your body.

CCM constructed the Jetspeed F390 shoulder pads for mobility by making the front and rear panels so they move independently of one another. You’re torso is always protected where you need it to be.

They made the sternum plate, spine plate and shoulder caps with closed-cell EVA foam and molded PE shells. It keeps you dry and the pad lightweight by repelling water away from it.

The F390 shoulder pads include Dual-Zone laminated liner with DryFoam Technology. DryFoam’s hydrophobic characteristics also repel moisture to add to your comfort and shoulder pad durability.

CCM uses segmented premium PE inserts in the FT390’s collarbone guard, a major impact area. You can move with a full range of motion because of its floating construction. It twists and turns as you do.

Elastic straps anchor the F390 lightweight shoulder caps to the body of the pad to give you maximum mobility.

CCM made the Jetspeed F390 Senior Shoulder Pads to protect you on the ice. It’s lightweight and comfortable gear to help you play your best hockey.

Product Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION – HIGH MOBILITY DESIGN WITH MOLDED PE FOAM – Great freedom of movement. Closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat to keep you dry and the pads lightweight
  • CAPS – PE CAP WITH EVA FOAM – Lightweight and high level of protection
  • BICEPS – PE MOLDED CAP WITH LENGTH ADJUSTMENT – Custom comfort fit and professional level protection
  • STERNUM/SPINE – ANATOMICAL MOLDED PE SHELLS AND NECK COMFORT PAD – Adaptable fit and professional level of protection
  • LINER – DRYFOAM TECHNOLOGY WITH SOFT LAMINATED WATER REPELLENT LINING – Comfortable liner that absorbs less sweat to keep the player dry and keeps the product lightweight
  • CLAVICLE – FLOATING PE PLASTIC CLAVICLE COVERAGE – High level protection in key impact area

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