CCM JetSpeed FT370 Junior Elbow Pads


Play Like a Pro and Withstand Hockey’s Pounding Blows Wearing the CCM JetSpeed FT370 Elbow Pads

  • Gives you mobility with adjustable protection
  • Experience a custom fit with two-piece design
  • Get full arm movement with maximum protection
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When you check and get checked, you want protection. You want protection from slashing sticks, flying pucks and crashes into the boards. So, you wear CCM’s JetSpeed FT370 Junior Elbow Pads.

CCM crafted the FT370 elbow pads to give you mobility, adjustability and protection in a two-piece construction. It has a hinged bicep guard to improve your mobility and keep the padding where it needs to be.

You’ll experience an excellent fit that protects your forearm with an injected molded PE cap insert. CCM includes JDP design in the cap. It redirects the impact force around your elbow.

The Jetspeed FT370 has a floating bicep outer shell with PE inserts. It gives you lightweight protection, so you can be as mobile as possible.

You get three nylon elastic straps to customize the fit of the FT370 pads to your arm. New quick-release tabs let you easily put them on and take them off.

The FT370 pads whisks moisture-from your arm with a soft durable brushed nylon covering. It fits over thick medium-density foams.

CMM made the JetSpeed FT370 Junior Elbow Pads to help you play your game better.

Product Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION – 2 PIECE DESIGN – Great mobility and comfort
  • FOREARM – INJECTED MOLDED PE CAP INSERT – High level of protection
  • ELBOW CAP – PE CAPs WITH JDP DESIGN – JDP cap redirects the impact around the joint with a great fit
  • BICEP – FLOATING BICEP WITH PE INSERTS – High level of protection
  • ATTACHMENT – 3 STRAP SYSTEM (NYLON /ELASTIC) – Comfort and fully customizable fit

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