CCM Jetspeed FT2 Senior Goalie Skates

CCM Jetspeed FT2 Senior Goalie Skates




JetSpeed FT2 GOALIE SKATES CCM introduces the JetSpeed line to the world of goalie skates. With the lightweight construction of the JetSpeed family and the new SpeedBlade XSG holder, the new JetSpeed FT2 goalie is the lightest goalie skate CCM has ever produced. The JetSpeed FT2 goalie skate features the new SpeedBlade XSG holder, with a quick release feature to quickly switch the runners and saves 150grams compared to the attack profile holder. The new FT2 goalie skate sets a new standard for CCM goalie skates.
ENHANCED ONE-PIECE BOOT The new L1TEFRAME 360 EVO technology is a significant evolution from the previous generation. The seamless one-piece boot was developed with no outsole, no stitching and no glue in the high energy-transfer zones, providing goalies with a fit so close, it becomes a natural extension of their foot.
The result: Pure performance. Direct energy transfer for explosive power pushes.
SPEEDBLADE XSG HOLDER New goalie holder with a quick release system for a quick runner switch and to provide optimal attack angle and power pushes. A new design that is 60% lighter than the previous attack profile holder.
ASYMMETRIC FLEX STANCE CONTOUR A lower cut boot collar is shaped and molded to allow the goalie to flex deep into the stance for a fast butterfly drop. Features extend to include an extremely quick recovery and speed to power-push position.

Product Specifications:

QUARTER PACKAGE – LITEFRAME 360 EVO – ONE PIECE – New One-piece boot frame increases the foot contact area with the entire skate.

MATERIAL – ROCKETFRAME COMPOSITE – NHL-calibre lightweight composite material.

FIT – TAPERED FIT – Provides player with a close, 360-degree tapered fit around and under the foot.
STIFFNESS PERFORMANCE INDEX – 195 – Super lightweight, highly rigid and thermo-formable core for ultimate power pushes.

BOOT COLLAR – ASYMMETRIC FLEX STANCE – Designed to allow the goalie to flex deeper into the stance and benefit from extremely quick recovery to stand back up.

LINER – TOTALDRI WITH DURAZONE ABRASION PROTECTION – High performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light.

TONGUE – TRITECH FLEX ZONE WITH MOLDED LACE-BITE PROTECTION – Advanced protection, comfort and the forward flex goalies need.

MIDSOLE – LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITE MIDSOLE – Enhanced energy transfer platform for blade to boot interface.

FOOTBED – CCM ORTHOLITE – Goalie insole that helps with energy transfer.

HOLDER – SB XSG HOLDER – New extra light quick-release goalie holder with bladelock system.

RUNNER – SB XSG1 BLACK(+2MM) – High performance blade with oxide treatment for a longer edge life and a greater resistance to corrosion with 9% more height than previous generation.


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