CCM Jetspeed FT1 Senior Shin Guards


Endure Hockey’s Pounding Blows

  • Lightweight protection for your vulnerable shins
  • RocketFrame Composite in the calf wrap to disperse impact energy
  • Adjustable guard for a custom fit
  • Molded ZOTEFOAM® and Vented Removable DryFoam – pro-level protection


To perform your best in the pounding sport of ice hockey, you want to play fast and hard. But you also want to keep your vulnerable shins protected from skate blades, sticks and flying pucks.

You’re an elite player who wants pro-level protection to prevent serious bruises and broken bones. That’s why CCM created their Jetspeed F1 Senior Shin Guards for you.

The F1 Shin Guards give you CCM’s RocketFrame Composite in the calf wrap. The composite is the same material they use in their FT1 skate. It’s lighter and more protective than any foam or plastic currently you will find in calf guards.

You can adjust the length of your calf strap, which feeds through a calf wrap for a perfect snug fit to your leg size no matter what it is. In addition, you can make the inside strap longer or shorter with a quick Velcro adjustment to tweak your custom fit.

The FT1 shin guard includes CCM’s Molded ZOTEFOAM® and Vented Removable DryFoam Liner with exposed foam. You’ll find ZOTEFOAM® in the thigh guard, around the knee and a small section of the liner. It reduces weight and gives you pro-level impact resistance. CCM’s vented DryFoam Liner repels moisture keeping you and the shin guard dry.

CCM crafted the FT1 shin guard with a hinge to give you improved mobility.

On your upper knee, you have a lock strap with a stretchable padded cushion for your comfort that does not pinch. CCM also added a strap so you can adjust the calf length around your lower leg.

The CCM Jetspeed F1 Senior Shin Guards give you a lightweight protection that lets you move freely to play your best. It gives you a snug low-profile anatomical fit and a hinge to give you improved mobility.

Product Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION – LIGHTWEIGHT SHELL DESIGN AND HINGE SYSTEM – Hinge system for improved mobility and protection
  • CALF GUARD – MOLDED ROCKETFRAME COMPOSITE SHELL – Light weight pro level protection
  • THIGH – MOLDED ZOTEFOAM® – Pro level protection
  • ATTACHMENT – UPPER LOCK STRAP WITH COMFORT CUSHION + NEW ADJUSTABLE CALF STRAP – Customizable adjustment for a perfect snug fit for all calf sizes
  • LINER – NEW MOLDED ZOTEFOAM® / VENTED REMOVABLE DRYFOAM LINER WITH EXPOSED FOAM – Lightweight custom fit, easy maintenance and pro level protection

Please note that product images and descriptions given on the website may vary slightly from actual product.

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