CCM JetSpeed FT1 Senior Elbow Pads

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Make Body Checks and Endure Hockey’s Pounding Blows

  • Gives you mobility in lightweight protection
  • Experience a superior fit with three-piece design
  • Get full arm movement with maximum protection
  • Made for your quick play in Dry Foam comfort
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When you deliver body checks, you want protection. When you’re body checked, you want protection. That’s why you wear the CCM JetSpeed FT1 Senior Elbow Pads to help you endure ice hockey’s blows.

CCM crafted the ultra-lightweight FT1 soft elbow pads with RocketFrame Composite in the outer bicep guard. It gives you mobility, adjustability and protection in a three-piece design.

You’ll experience a mobile fit that protects your forearm with a molded HD pad and Zotefoam for lightweight pro level protection. CCM also made the elbow cap with molded PE that includes JDP design. It redirects the impact force around your elbow.

CCM uses an anatomically-shaped PE in the Jetspeed FT1 bicep outer shell. It gives you lightweight protection, so you can be as mobile as possible.

You get three straps to attach the FT1 elbow pads. CCM arched the first one, the bicep strap, to keep the pad close to your body but still allows you freedom of movement. They made the second, the middle strap, an anatomical neoprene band. It keeps your elbow close to the pad. The third one is a nylon forearm strap that secures the FT1 in place.

CCM topped the FT1 with their closed cell hydrophobic Dry Foam so you will play dry in lightweight elbow pads. It prevents them from absorbing water and getting heavy.

These CCM JetSpeed FT1 Senior Elbow Pads are made to help you play ice hockey with mobility and protection.

Product Specifications

  • CONSTRUCTION – 3-PIECE DESIGN WITH DRY FOAM LINER – Great mobility with closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat to keep the player dry and the pads lightweight
  • FOREARM – MOLDED HD / ZOTEFOAM® WITH EXTENDED COVERAGE – Pro level lightweight protection
  • ELBOW CAP – MOLDED PE CAP WITH JDP DESIGN – JDP cap redirects the impact around the joint with a great fit and protection
  • BICEP – MOLDED ROCKETFRAME COMPOSITE SHELL + NEW ARCHED STRAP – Pro level protection and new arched strap keeps pad closer to the body without compromising freedom of movement
  • ATTACHMENT – ANATOMICAL NEOPRENE MIDDLE STRAP + NYLON FOREARM STRAP – Allows the elbow pad to stay closer to the body without compromising freedom movement

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