CCM FL500 Hockey Helmet

CCM FL500 Hockey Helmet


Skate Fast & Hard When You Protect Your Head Wearing the CCM Fitlite FL500 Helmet

  • Keeps your head safe with elite protection
  • Shock absorbing materials disperse the force of an impact
  • Simple custom fit with tool free length adjustment
  • Lightweight high-density PE (polyethylene) shell
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To perform your best in the pounding sport of hockey, you play hard, fast and smart. To protect your head, you wear a CCM FitLite FL500 Ice Hockey Helmet. That makes it your most important piece of equipment.
CCM’s engineering team designed this FitLite helmet to keep your head safe. They made it easy for you to secure it for a proper fit to get the greatest amount of protection from head injuries and concussions.

They made it with D3O Smart Material, a multi-layered cushioning foam to protect your brain from impacts.

The engineers added I.Q.Shion memory foam to make the CCM FL500 one of the most comfortable helmets you’ll ever wear on the ice. This snug head protection allows you to focus on your game without distraction, so you can play your best.

Product Specifications

  • D30 SMART MATERIAL – made with rate sensitive shock absorbing materials that protect the head by dispersing the force of impact
  • LINER – I.Q.SHION comfort liner made with memory foam for snug fit
  • FIT CLIP – easy tool free front-to-back length adjustment for custom fit and game play comfort
  • SHELL – high density PE (polyethylene) shell for lightweight protection for elite players
  • Compatible only with FM500 Facemask in Gunmetal

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