Move Quick with Your Body Protected in CCM’s Extreme Flex Shield II Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

Move Quick with Your Body Protected in CCM’s Extreme Flex Shield II Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector


Body Armor to Protect You from Flying Pucks

  • Has large segmented sections for more blocking surface
  • Includes removable rib protection
  • Comes with a full D3O™ sternum protector for extra protection
  • Get body protection that fits your quick play with more head and neck mobility
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How do you, as a goalie, perform vigorous movements with a full range of motion and protect your body from flying pucks? You wear CCM’s Extreme Flex Shield II Senior Goalie Chest and Arm Protector. It gives you complete mobility without creating gaps in your protection.

The Shield II has large segmented sections for more blocking surface. It has fewer stitching lines to protect your stomach. The segments wrap around your sides protecting you from shots under your arms. CCM covered the stomach area with a breathable mesh for extra ventilation and cooler play.

They included removable rib protection on both sides of your stomach to give you shielding options for your level of play. You can easily remove the rib wraps with three Velcro attachment points. Doing so allows the chest protector to sit tighter on your body. If you leave the rib protection in the Shield II chest protector, you have more blocking surface and shape.

CCM uses a full D3O™ sternum protector for extra protection. It keeps puck rebounds close for control.

They made the Shield II design tighter. The floaters have four specific cuts and segments, so they wrap your body conforming to its shape. The result for you, the goalie, is more head and neck mobility. You can easily look from side to side.

The Shield II arms help with the tight fit at your biceps and triceps. You pass your arms through neoprene sleeves. They give you a superb tight fit, which prevents your arm protection from sliding around during play.

CCM made the elbow cup adjustable with three simple elastic and Velcro pieces. The elbow front has compression molded HD foam. You get excellent protection while your arms feel light weight.

The Shield II backplate has extra segments and a mesh material so it always feels cool and comfortable. It has two-inch-wide elastic straps with plastic buckles strategically hidden under HD foam pads on the sides of the body.

CCM’s Extreme Flex Shield II Pro Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector gives you, the elite butterfly goaltender, mobile and lightweight body armor that you can customize to fit your level of net play.

Product Specifications

  • STERNUM – 3D MOLDED D3O® SMART MATERIAL — Maximized protection
  • BICEP/FOREARM – COMPRESSION MOLDED HD FOAM — Offers great protection and mobility
  • SHOULDER CAP – COMPRESSION MOLDED HD FOAM — Maximizes coverage and protection

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