Play Tougher Wearing Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pads

Play Tougher Wearing Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pads


Fight for Open Ice Protected by Your Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Elbow Pads

  • Gives you elite player mobility for your game
  • Keeps your forearm, elbow cap and biceps protected with a high-impact lightweight material
  • With a tapered low profile, it’s for you, the agile and speedy hockey player
  • Made for your intense play with a liner fabric to wick away moisture
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When your elbow pads fit right and feel responsive to your moves, you back-check with the confidence of an elite hockey player. Step on the ice in the featherlight Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Senior Elbow Pads.

The segmented padding flexes, helping you move with more fluidity. They’re lightweight, yet you get protection from advanced materials.

Wider at the top of the arm and narrowing toward the forearm, the Bauer Vapor X900 tapered-fitting elbow pad helps you move with quickness and agility.

Bauer made them with HyperLite foam in the bicep and forearm guards. This makes the pads one of the lightest and most protective ones you’ll wear.

They put in an extra flex segment between the forearm and elbow cap. It gives you excellent mobility because they attached the bicep guards with elastic. Yet, you get protection just where you need it.

Bauer added their Thermo Max Liner with Sanitized properties embedded in the fabric. It wicks away moisture and prevents odor-causing bacteria to form.

Product Specifications

CapMolded cap with HYPERLITE foam cover2-piece tapered fit
BicepHYPERLITE foam with poly insertFloating construction
ForearmMolded cap with HYPERLITE foam cover
StrappingY-shape comfort middle strap
Comfort linerMolded floating donut
LiningTHERMO MAX with Sanitized® technology

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