Move Freely in Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Junior Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads

Move Freely in Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Junior Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads


Play Fast & Protected in Your Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Junior Shoulder Pads

  • Keeps you mobile in low profile and tapered protection
  • Shoulders, chest and sternum endure high-impact in a lightweight pad
  • Tighter fit that moves with you for better mobility
  • Play better dry in a liner that wicks away moisture


You check … take hits … and skate like a pro when your ice hockey gear fits right, allowing you to move freely.

That’s why you want featherlight protection from the game’s perils. And that’s why you play in the Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Junior Shoulder Pads. Bauer made them, so you can stickhandle and shoot with full mobility.

They crafted the Vapor X900 Lite shoulder pads for a tapered fit with HYPERLITE foam throughout the pads. HYPERLITE delivers both high-impact protection and comfort in an exceptionally light weight material.

The Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Junior Shoulder Pads protect your chest and sternum with a dual layer of HYPERLITE foam on the panels. And they protect your biceps with an adjustable dual layer of the HYPERLITE foam. In addition, Bauer made the foam to prevent water uptake. This keeps the pad lightweight throughout the game.

Bauer made the Vapor X900 Lite shoulder caps a low-profile, not bulky, to give you free movement. They added a new floating spine design. It separates the harder HD foam spinal protector from the softer perforated back foam for a better feel that maintains protection.

Bauer added their Flee Flex Technologies to the X900 Lite shoulder pads in the front panel, rear panel, collarbone and bicep areas. Free Flex allows sections of your shoulder pad to move independent of the base. This gives you maximum mobility and avoids any gaps in your protection.

You’ll see that Bauer’s Vapor X900 Lite shoulder pads include multiple adjustment points with Velcro straps on the torso and biceps. It includes an adjustment underneath the shoulder cap to shift the bicep protection up and down for a proper fit. The Vapor X900 Lite shoulder pads give you a tighter fit. It moves with you to improve your mobility.

Bauer includes their THERMO MAX liner with Sanitized® properties to the shoulder pads. It wicks away moisture and prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming.

Product Specifications

SP cap
Molded cap with HYPERLITE foam coverLow profile
SternumMolded HYPERLITE HD foamFloating construction
Front side panelMolded HYPERLITE foamIndependent side panels
SpineMolded HYPERLITE HD foamFloating construction
Backside panel
Perforated foam, HYPERLITE foam in rib areaIndependent side panels
ArchHD FOAMFree Flex
BicepDual-bicep with molded PE, HYPERLITE HD foamAdjustable / Free Flex
LiningTHERMO MAX with Sanitized® technology

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