Shoot Better Wearing Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Junior Ice Hockey Elbow Pads


Play Your Ice Hockey Tougher Protected

  • Helps you move like an elite player
  • Protects your forearm, elbow and biceps with featherlight high-impact material
  • Move quicker with more agility in the low profile tapered-fit pads
  • Play faster because the liner fabric dry’s you faster


Shoot and pass the puck … skate across the ice like your wearing nothing at all.

But you’re really in body armor. You’re protected from the game’s pounding forces … slashes, pucks, boards and falls in Bauer’s ice hockey gear. They made it for you, an elite player who wants the most lightweight, highest impact resistant and most flexible equipment.

Bauer’s Vapor 1X Lite Junior Hockey Elbow Pads are just that. They’re 25% lighter than earlier models. The Vapor 1X Lite pads include the Curv® composite to protect your forearm. The elbow cap has Bauer’s AEROLITE construction with Hyperlite foam to protect your biceps.

You get complete adjustment control to maximize your comfort in the Vapor 1X Lite elbow pads. Bauer uses three straps in a floating design. It includes an elastic bicep strap, a nylon forearm strap and a Y-shape comfort middle strap. The result gives you a secure fit with little to no irritation on the inside.

These Vapor 1X Lite elbow pads help you stay cool and dry, which helps improve your game performance. Bauer uses a liner with 37.5® Technology and a transfer mesh to accelerate sweat evaporation.

Product Specifications

Component Protection Fit/Mobility
Cap AEROLITE 2.0 1-piece tapered fit
Bicep HYPERLITE foam with poly insert Floating construction
Forearm Cure ® composite
Strapping Y-shape comfort middle strap
Comfort liner Molded floating donut
Lining 37.5® Technology and Sanitized® technology

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