Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac Senior Composite Ice Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Griptac Senior Composite Ice Hockey Stick

$299.99 $224.99

Make Your Wrist Shot Blast Past the Goalie with the Bauer Vapor 1X LITE GripTac Senior Stick

  • Feels like nothing … so light
  • Makes your quick release shot 11% faster … low kick point and stiff blade
  • Puck fly’s past defenders … surprises goalies
  • Your hands feel quicker maneuvering the balanced 1-piece stick

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Mesmerize your opponents … dazzle the goalie. Control the puck and snap it into the net 11% faster. Put a BAUER Vapor 1X LITE GripTac Senior Stick in your hands and improve your shot making next time on the ice.

If you’re an elite puck-handler, BAUER made a stick for you with their lightest blade yet. Now you can deliver a deadlier quicker release shot than before. The 1X LITE gives you a hockey stick that—

  • Is so light it feels like nothing … ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) Technology makes stick 15 grams lighter
  • Makes your shot release 11% faster … weight saving delivers 11% improved taper recoil for faster release and less time for goalies to react
  • Gives you improved stick-handling with increased responsiveness and blade stability

Product Specifications

  • ACL blade delivers a light, strong and responsive stick with quick release off the blade
  • AERO-SENSE II blade dual density foam core construction
  • QRT technology with an aggressive taper to optimize the load and recoil energy in the lower shaft
  • Monocomp technology for a true 1-piece stick with improved balance and maximum energy transfer
  • Pure Shot blade profile for an improved connection point between the blade and the hosel of the shaft that reduces stick twist and increases accuracy and control
  • Lightweight TeXtreme® construction for an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber that’s 20% lighter than conventional carbon
  • eLASTech resin for increased durability
  • Micro Feel II shaft dimension with subtle rounded corners and double concave shaft walls for a tapered feel

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