Stop Pucks with Bauer’s Supreme S29 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove

Stop Pucks with Bauer’s Supreme S29 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove

Prevent Shooters from Scoring with a One-piece Cuff Glove

  • Full hand 75-degree closure break
  • One-piece cuff for maximum blocking
  • Full range of hand movement to make the key saves
  • Added soft lace helps your grip and traps pucks in the pocket

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When goaltenders suit up, they make sure they have the right catch glove to block shots and trap pucks. Bauer makes a glove to help you do that. Defend your net with Bauer’s Supreme S29 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove.

Bauer made the Supreme S29 Catch Glove with a solid one-piece cuff. It gives you a clean blocking surface when you need to squeeze in tight with any flex of your wrist.

The game ready pro palm gives you an easy snap shut closure the first time you put it on. You get a full hand 75-degree closure break, so you can catch pucks above your fingertips. HD foam reinforcements give you more protection around the glove perimeter.

The Supreme S29 Catch Glove has Bauer’s Free Flex padding on the back of the hand. It gives you a natural feel when you close it because of the strategic cuts. These run across the back of the finger tips and up through the wrist. You get a full range of movement to put your hand in positions to make vital saves.

Bauer uses their Double T build to add lacing to the glove’s pocket and give you a better view into it. By adding more lace, the gloves need less plastic and leather. You get a lighter glove. The additional soft lace material helps your grip and keeps puck trapped in the pocket.

Bauer’s 37.5 Thermo Max technology in the liner keeps your hand dry all game long as it wicks away your sweat.

The S29 Intermediate Glove feels light on your hand. It gives you mobility, control and more opportunities to prevent shooters from scoring.

Are you a goalie who wants a game ready glove for your elite play? Put on Bauer’s Supreme S29 Intermediate Goalie Catch Glove. It gives you full hand closure with reinforced protection and palm comfort.

Product Specifications

  • Break — Full hand closure
  • Cuff — 1-piece/Free Flex backhand
  • Liner — THERMO MAX
  • T trap — Split T
  • Palm — Game-ready pro palm
  • Perimeter — HD foam

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