Put Your Mind in the Game in Bauer’s RE-AKT 95 Helmet

Put Your Mind in the Game in Bauer’s RE-AKT 95 Helmet


Take the Ice in the Right Helmet

  • Proper fit maximizes your head protection
  • Tool-less adjustments to dial-in your best fit
  • Liner foam inserts reinforce your head fortification and comfort
  • Padding conforms to your head’s natural shape for additional protection
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Ice hockey players take a pounding from elbows, sticks and flying pucks. Add-in falls to the ice and checks to the boards … the potential to hurt your head is high. That’s why you wear the Bauer RE-AKT 95 Helmet.

Proper helmet fit maximizes your head protection. Bauer gives you tool free adjustments to do that. If you need more room on the side of your head, the RE-AKT 95 helmet gives you a wide circular fit that you can adjust. It as an adjustment lock on the top of the helmet.

Bauer crafted the helmet to allow the padding to sit in the correct position on your head, so you benefit from the helmet’s layered protection. It includes a spring-loaded Occipital Lock 3.0. It allows you to dial-in your fit on the fly to the back of your head and neck.

The Bauer RE-AKT 95 Helmet has the VTX Technology base foam liner. It’s lighter and disperses impacts better than traditional EPP foams.

To, Bauer includes its IX-Foam and dual-layer Poron XRD (Extreme Impact Protection) inserts. The IX-Foam fills in the coverage areas that get low medium impacts.

Bauer inserts their top protective XRD foam in the temple area. It absorbs repeated impacts. The combination of the liner and foams in the RE-AKT 95 gives you a lightweight and protective helmet.

You get a second wave of protection independent of the VTX Technology liner in this helmet. Bauer added their free-floating Suspend-Tech Next Gen liner to reduce head movement in the RE-AKT 95. The liner’s multi-density foams conform to the natural shape of your head giving you additional protection from impact. Moisture wicking channels in the liner moves sweat away from your face so it does not get in your eyes.

Bauer put the RE-AKT 95 helmet’s protective padding inside a HDPE shell. It’s lightweight and durable. They added air vents that reduce weight and keep you cool.

If you want comfort and a wider fit to protect your head and play your best, then put on Bauer’s RE-AKT 95 Helmet.

Product Specifications


  • VTX technology
  • SUSPEND-TECH NG Liner system
  • Foam molded, multi-density liner for maximum coverage
  • SA, HECC, CE certified

Customized Fit

  • Central tool-free adjustment
  • Height-adjusting occipital lock


  • XRD® Foam
  • Molded memory foam comfort liner moisture channels to promote cooling

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