Blast Your Shot Past Defenders with Bauer’s Nexus 2N PRO GripTac Intermediate Stick

Make Your Wrist Shot Count with the Bauer Nexus 2N PRO GripTac Intermediate Stick

  • Control the puck and snap it into the net faster
  • Fly pucks past defenders and surprise goalies
  • R-LITE blade core improves your puck control
  • GRIPTAC finish enhances your stickhandling

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Mesmerize your opponents … dazzle defenders. Control the puck and snap it into the net faster. Put a Bauer Nexus 2N PRO GripTac Intermediate Stick in your hands and improve your shot making next time you’re on the ice.

Bauer crafted the Nexus 2N PRO GripTac stick with the R-LITE blade core. It has a fiber-reinforced dampening layer that improves your puck control. Bauer made the blade weight lighter but still feel stiff. They improved the slap shot release by 15% and the wrist snap shot release by 12%.

The Bauer Nexus 2N PRO GripTac Intermediate Stick has an ultra-lightweight foam with a rubberized response layer. It improves your puck control and feel. The stick has a mid-kick from Bauer’s Easy Load Taper and Sweet Spot Technology for a consistent feel end-to-end. These characteristics give you a stick that boosts your shot results with minimum effort.

Bauer made the Nexus 2N PRO blade with their eLASTech. It reinforces the TeXtreme carbon fibers with micro nanotubes to help prevent slash cracks from growing. It also extends the stick’s pop life. The eLASTech combined with Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) gives you a responsive blade so you feel a part of the puck. The ACL component helps elite puck-handlers shoot with a quick of release.

Bauer added their GripTac finish to the Nexus 2N PRO to enhance your control and stickhandling comfort.

If you’re an elite puck-handler, BAUER made this stick to give you ultimate control and power. Now you can deliver a deadlier quicker release shot with the Nexus 2N PRO GripTac Intermediate Stick.

Product Specifications

Shot Technology
NEXUS mid-kick flex profile with Sweet-Spot-Technology

Shaft Technology
DuraFlex resin system (55 flex and above only)
Control Shaft Geometry
TeXtreme® construction
Easy Load Taper technology

Blade Technology
eLASTech blade (55 flex and above only)
R-LITE Blade System
ACL blade technology
Pure Shot blade profile

Monocomp technology

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