Slap Pucks Past Defenders with Bauer’s Nexus 2N Grip Senior 60” Stick

Slap Pucks Past Defenders with Bauer’s Nexus 2N Grip Senior 60” Stick


Make Your Best Snap Shots With The Bauer Nexus 2N Grip Senior 60” Stick

  • Control the puck and snap it into the net faster
  • Fly pucks past defenders and surprise goalies
  • R-LITE blade core improves your puck control
  • Max-Balance with a fiber-reinforced dampening layer

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Control the puck better and snap it into the net faster. Play with the Bauer Nexus 2N Grip Senior 60” Stick in your hands to improve your shot making every time you’re on the ice.

Bauer made the Nexus 2N Grip stick with their R3 resin system and 12K carbon fiber for strength and efficient energy transfer from your hands to the puck.

They crafted the Bauer Nexus 2N Grip Senior 60” Stick with their R-LITE blade core. It has featherlight foam and their Max-Balance, a fiber-reinforced dampening layer. It gives you a well-balanced lightweight soft feel with a quick shot release. The stick recoils a little faster than other models. These Nexus 2N Grip stick characteristics improve your puck control and accuracy.

Bauer engineered the stick with a mid-kick from their Easy Load Taper and Sweet Spot Technology. They give you a stick that has a consistent feel end-to-end. These characteristics help your shot results with minimum effort.

This Nexus 2N Grip stick is 60 inches long with a 70 flex.

If you strive to be an elite puck-handler, BAUER made this stick to help give you puck control and shot power. With the Bauer Nexus 2N Grip Senior 60” Stick, you can deliver a surprisingly quick release shot.

Product Specifications

Shot Technology
NEXUS mid-kick flex profile with Sweet-Spot-Technology

Shaft Technology
12K carbon composite construction
Easy Load Taper

Blade Technology
R-LITE Blade System
12K carbon blade wrap
Pure Shot blade profile
Max-Balance blade construction

High performance mold

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