The APEX™ LITE is an ultra slim guard, designed as our thinnest mouthguard yet, but still offering essential protection for today’s modern athlete.

Based on the same innovative pre-indented bite pattern as the original APEX™ Guard, the APEX™ LITE is best suited for light contact sports, such as basketball, soccer, hockey, football, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling or lacrosse.

With zero logo or designs, the APEX™ LITE is designed to be simple, pure and effective.  It’s available in Clear, Yellow, Green, Blue or Orange (for mandated sports that require a visible color).

Every APEX™ Guard features our patent-pending pre-indented bite pattern which pre-molds the guard and allows for a closer and more accurate impression to take place. Our distinctive bite pattern is recognizable from the 3D geometric pattern found inside every APEX™ Guard.

Special Features:

  • Ultra-thin and suitable for light contact and helmet sports
  • Slim design won’t obstruct breathing or communicating
  • Logo-free design
  • Patent pending pre-indented bite pattern for a more comfortable fit


  • Worn on the upper teeth
  • Essential protection for the the modern athlete
  • Includes mouthguard case
  • High quality dental grade materials, BPA free and phthalates free
  • 100% Made in the USA


  • Boil, bite and wear (follow the full instructions in the package)
  • Store in your GuardLab mouthguard case when not in use (included)


  • Small – Ages 6-12
  • Medium – Ages 12 & up
  • Large – Ages 16 & up (wide bite)

Please note that product images and descriptions given on the website may vary slightly from actual product.

If you are not sure which size to order, please call us at 1-800-HOCKEY-1 or send us E-mail with your questions.

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