Elevate Your Game with Our Hockey Sticks for Sale

With a wide variety of composite and wood sticks, replacement blades, shafts, tape and more for every type of player, Hockey1 is your go-to source for the game’s best sticks.

Your hockey stick is your tool on the ice.

With it, you are a precise goal-scorer. Or maybe your stick makes you a shutdown defender.

Whatever its aim, adding the best hockey sticks to your repertoire elevates your game, and Hockey1 has you covered.

Hockey Sticks for Every Kind of Player

Many times, choosing a stick comes down to preference. Some players still prefer to play with wood sticks, while others have moved on to composites, either one-piece composite hockey sticks or shafts with replaceable blades.

No matter what kind of stick you play with, Hockey1 has an expansive variety of it from all of the major brands, such as Sher-Wood, CCM, Reebok, Easton, Bauer, TPS Hockey, Warrior, Montreal, Mission and more.

Our selection of available hockey sticks for sale includes:

• One-piece composites (youth, junior, intermediate and senior)
• Shafts and replacement blades
• Wood sticks
• Goalie sticks
• Hockey tape (black, white, clear and other assorted colors and designs) and more

Give Yourself the Upper Hand with the Perfect Hockey Stick

Every hockey player knows that his/her stick is another limb, an extension of oneself, and should feel as such. When you have that, your game will reach an entirely new level.

To find your perfect hockey stick, begin searching through Hockey1’s selection today.


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