Find the Right Goalie Pants to Improve Your Game

Every piece of equipment that a goalie wears serves a greater purpose – stopping anything and everything in his/her way. Give yourself every chance for success with the best goalie pants in the game.

From pads and gloves to sticks and skates, you want the best equipment possible.

But in order to truly keep your game and skills sharp, it’s important to outfit yourself with the best goalie pants as well.

Check Out Hockey1’s Line of Goalie Pants

We have you covered with pants from the best names in the sport, including:

• Vaughn
• Reebok
• Bauer
• Tackla
• Sher-Wood
• TPS Hockey
• Brians

With any of these goalie pants, you’ll get maximum net coverage with innovative pad technology. You’ll get plenty of adjustable features for the best possible comfort and protection. You’ll be able to take advantage of increased flexibility through inner leg and crotch stretches, along with added spine protection, floating front flex hip panels, abdominal pads and more.

When you need extra protection and top-of-the-line designs that give you that added edge, Hockey1’s goalie pants are the way to go.

Goalie Pants for Players of All Ages

With the goalie pants you buy from Hockey1, your five-hole gets just a little bit smaller. You cover that extra little bit of the net. You’re more flexible, quicker to that loose puck or that save across the crease.

In hockey, it’s the little things that matter, and all of them add up to what you want the most: wins.

Take your game to the next level – find your new goalie pants today.


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