Goalie Gear to Help You Elevate Your Game

No matter what you need, Hockey1 is your premium source for all goalie gear, from every kind of pad to skates, sticks, helmets and more.

As a goalie, you own the ice.

The crease is your territory, and nothing’s getting past you, especially not with the help of the best equipment out there.

At Hockey1, we’re dedicated to offering goalie gear that helps you truly take your game to the next level, whether you’re a youth player or still going strong in the senior leagues around town.

Get to Know Our Line of Goalie Gear

We carry the latest goalie equipment from the biggest, best brands in the sport, including CCM, Reebok, Vaughn, Sher-Wood, Bauer, Itech and more.

And we really do cover everything. Our available goalie gear includes:

Leg pads, gloves and blockers
Goalie skates and sticks
Chest and arm pads, jocks, neck guards and goalie pants
Goalie helmets
• A wide variety of other goalie accessories

When you’re serious about the sport, the obvious choice for new equipment is Hockey1.

Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Goalie Gear

As soon as you step out on the ice with your new goalie gear, you’ll feel the difference. The lightweight pads making you more agile. The helmet fitting perfectly on your head. The stick helping you control that rebound with expert precision.

With that in mind, improve your game and strike fear into your opponents – be sure to check out Hockey1’s full line of goalie gear today.


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