Durable Hockey Equipment Bags for All Types of Players

As a leading supplier of the sport, Hockey1 offers a wide variety of equipment bags to help meet the needs of players of all ages.

You have all of the latest equipment. You’re ready to step out on the ice and take control of the game with new skates, new gloves and a brand-new stick.

The thing is, you just need to get it all to the arena.

With Hockey1’s diverse line of hockey equipment bags, you’ll find exactly what you need to easily get your gear to the game you’re about to dominate.

Find Your Perfect Hockey Equipment Bag

Need a wheeled bag, or even a wheeled backpack? How about a bag for goalie equipment? How about just a bag you can carry that is spacious enough to hold everything you have?

No matter what type of hockey equipment bag you need, Hockey1 has it from the best names in the sport, including:

• Reebok
• Vaughn
• Easton
• Bauer
• Tackla
• Sher-Wood

Hockey1 also carries stick bags, puck bags and general sports bags to make transportation even easier.

Check Out Our Hockey Equipment Bags Today

All of our bags have different features and/or uses, but all of them are exceptionally durable and comfortable and – much to the delight of hockey moms everywhere – many of our bags are vented to allow humidity (and certain smells) to escape.

To learn more about what makes our hockey equipment bags the best in the business, be sure to contact Hockey1 today.


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