hockey maskIt’s pretty amazing to look at the transformation of hockey masks throughout the years.

These days, the hockey mask is a technological marvel – lightweight, but still offering the utmost level of protection.

And of course, the creative look of goalie hockey masks is just one of many eccentricities that truly make this the greatest game on Earth.

Hockey1’s Line of Hockey Masks

We carry all of the latest hockey masks from the best brands, from CCM and Bauer to Reebok, Vaughn and more. No matter your preference, Hockey1 has the hockey mask you need.

Just take a look at some of the qualities of the masks we supply:

• Titanium reinforcements in high-impact chin and forehead zones
• Exceptional chip and crack resistance
• Fully adjustment straps and comfortable gel zones that complement the unique design technology

Give yourself a professional edge and take advantage of the great features each hockey mask has. And, if you’re looking for something unique (and we know goaltenders are a strange breed who like to stand out), we also carry a variety of masks with great, already-painted designs.

Be Sure to Get Your Brand-New Hockey Mask Today

With lightweight designs and exceptional features that offer the very best protection and adjustment methods for your own comfort, our hockey masks will keep you completely focused on the action in front of you.

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