bauer hockey skatesWith a new pair of skates, you feel invincible on the ice. Nothing can stop you.

And when it’s a brand you’re already familiar with, it makes it even easier to take your game to the next level.

As a leading hockey equipment supplier, Hockey1 makes sure to carry all of the best skates out there, ensuring you have every option for gaining an advantage over the opponent.

Get to Know Our Line of Bauer Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer offers some of the best skates in the game, with a full line of products that meet the needs and preferences of any player.

These lightweight, composite skates give you the agility you need while also offering superior protection.

Just take a look at some of the features found in Bauer hockey skates and you’ll see why they’re some of the best you can buy:

• Lightweight form-fitting ankle padding and footbeds
• Customized tongue constructions with added side protection
• Comfortable composite lining
• Superior abrasion resistance, toe protection, moisture management, heel stabilizing and more

Find Your New Bauer Hockey Skates

Lace up with any of our Bauer skates and you’ll see the difference; with comfort, protection and the latest lightweight composite materials on your side, you’ll see the improvement in your game in no time.

Be sure to start browsing our full line of Bauer ice hockey skates today.