With the perfect fit and grip, a perfect pair of hockey gloves can make you feel unbeatable on the ice.

bauer glovesAt Hockey1, we pride ourselves on offering the very best hockey equipment for every type of player, and that includes our line of gloves.

Step Up Your Game with New Bauer Hockey Gloves

Bauer offers some of the best hockey gloves out there, with a wide variety of styles for players both young and old.

Each pair of Bauer hockey gloves includes:

• Superior protection
• True, unmatched flexibility and mobility
• Pro nylon shells and double density foams
• Absorbent palms that offer the best possible grip

Each set of gloves has its own unique features, which means you can easily find the pair that best suits your preferences.

Grab Your Next Pair of Bauer Hockey Gloves Today

We know that every piece of equipment a player wears is important. When it comes to the gloves, you need to feel in complete control while also receiving the best mobility and protection possible.

Hockey1 prides itself on only offering the best in all things hockey, and with our Bauer hockey gloves, you’ll know that you’re getting something that will stand the test of time, always delivering the results you need.

To find your perfect pair of gloves, start searching through our gallery today.